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uc berkeley graduates detained for two years may be released in just a few hours. a hearing schedule for sunday and it's about 5:30 sunday morning in iran right now. so the attorney for josh fatale and shane bauer says he expects the court to convict the two sunday, and then sentence them to time served. the two, along with sarah shourd, hiking in iraq in 2009 when authorities arrested them and accused them of illegally crossing the boarder in iran and spying. shourd released last september for medical reasons and not summoned for tomorrow's hearing: she had been summoned for every other hearing and the attorney believes that is another indication that the case may be clients freed.occ1: shara shourd spoke to nbc about her hopes for her fiancee and their friend, josh fatale. >> public prosecutor made a statement saying a a final decision would be made and they're hopeful that would
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happen. and josh have cc1: been waiting for a trial for 22 months the first time we were going to try. we've been waiting a long time and we hope it's the end. >> another reason for hope, iran also has a tradition of pardoning prisoners for the holy month of ramadan which starts monday worldwide. we also have new developments in the case of lei, missing for two months now. investigators in the east bay may be announcing the arrest of a suspect in the case. police have evidence that she was killed and they believe they know who did it. terry's rea kimberlycc1: with developments. >> reporter: a car wash to raise money for search efforts still under way. there are a few cars left here. for the investigation, michelle's family says it's been in daily contact with police who say they are closing in on the person or people responsible for her disappearance. that news is bitter sweet but
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they will continue their search for the missing nursing student until they hear something definitive. again, a car wash held next to hayward sizzler today. drivers made donations to print more missing persons flyers and buy equipment need for ground searches. last seen nay 27th, doing clinical rotations in hayward. police have classified this case as a homicide. they've been tight lipped about the investigation but say they are narrowing down suspects. they are working on processing evidence, awaiting results from the crime lab and continuing to conduct interviews but hopeful they'll be able to make an arrest soon. >> it's almost like waiting for the ball to drop, you know? waiting to see, okay, they've got her, him, then what next? and it's hard because it's almost like you almost want to keep this going because you want to keep the hope that she's still alive.
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>> i don't wish anyone ill will or any kind of harm, but if whoever hurt her or who took her will bring her back, that's what's most important, that's what i care about. >> the family are nervously awaiting any news. they have mixed feelings wanting to believe she's alive somewhere, at the same time knowing that is not likely. in the end all they want is answers and justice. there is a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the this of a suspect incc1: case. of course, if you know anything about what happened, you are asked to call hayward police, tere, bay area news. slow down on the bay bridge, warning from the chpp increasing patrols after sensors showed drivers were driving ten miles over the speed limit in off peak hours, the same hours when cal trans does the work on the seismic retrofit. the speed limit is 50 miles an
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hour but at that s-curve it's 40 miles an hour. the chp plans to increase patrols, we're told, through august. the san francisco marathon likely rrow and willcc1: cause traffic delays in san francisco and the golden gate bridge.cc1: runners on schedule to cross the bridge between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning but crews will start closing lanes at 1:00 a.m. two southbound lanes and one northbound lane will remain open. several roads around the city will be closed for the race, as there. see on the mapcc1: the bridge is scheduled to fully reopen by the way at 10:00 tomorrow morning. bay art student paralyzed by a hit-and-run driver has a message for the person who hit her. that driver has not yet been caught and police are asking for the public's help. the young artist shared her story with nbc bay area jodi hernandez. >> all of a sudden i get halfway into the crosswalk and i see a approaching me. >> reporter: man da barnes
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emembers in vivid detail thecc: emeriville hit-and-run incident that changed her world forever. > they sped up and drove right: over me and just kept on going and left me out there on the cement. >> reporter: the impact left barnes with broken ribs, a lacerated liver, and a severed spine. >> judging by my injuries, they told me that i was most likely going to be permanently paralyzed from the waist down. i remember i was just like, oh, my god, i'm -- i'm not going to walk again. >> reporter: but barnes isn't dwelling on that. instead, the talented artist is focusing on the love of her family and the love she has for her craft. >> i'm blessed that i'm still me and i still have my -- i still have my head, i still have my hands. i can still paint and draw and do everything that, you know, do something -- do the thing that i was most passionate. ever since i was a little girl i
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told myself i was going to be a famous artist. i'm pretty sure one day i will be. >> reporter: that attitude has touched emeriville police. they've set up collection boxes for barnes' recovery. leads have run dry they're determined to find the drive. >> she is, like i said, inspiring. everybody's just trying to jump into and help her in some way because she is so positive. >> i think that if you use the power of your mind and just keep positive and just visualize, it visualize myself walking, one day i will. >> reporter: hopeful to beat the odds, she's got plenty right now to keep smiling. >> if i don't come out tof, i'm going to live life in a while chair and i'm going to make the best of it. and i'm still going to be successful. >> reporter: in the east bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. the clock is ticking right now as the deadline for congress and the president to reach a deal on the debt ceiling is fast approaching. as the top democrat and republican from the house met with the president at the white house this afternoon, the republican leader of the senate announced he has spoken with the president as well and, quote, is confident and optimistic they'll reach an agreement in the very near future. the top democrat in the senate shot back at republicans today. >> republicans have taken america hostage, threatening to undermine the economy and disrupt the essential business of government unless they get policy concessions they never would have been able to get through legislation. >> house members have been told not to expect votes of sunday but prepared to get back to the capitol on a few hours' notice, if one does come up. coming up next at 6:00, the annual event that really stinks, you know what i'm talking about. the garlic faes val about more than just good food. tonight while the bay area
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recovers from two days in gilroy, we're going to tell you about something you may not know going on behind the scenes. for too many, it was just watching friends die, it was watching dumb stuff that you couldn't come back from. >> he went from gangster to good guy. up next, how one bay area man is using the change in his life to change the lives of an entire community. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area news. and a stuck whale causing an unexpected tourist attraction in northern california. we'll be right back.
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good evening. live picture from the trans-america pyramid looking west. marine clouds moving back in but moisture of a different sort for tomorrow afternoon. we could be talking about thunderstorms. those forecast details are just ahead.
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33 years and still smelly. it's getting bigger ever year. the garlic capital of the world is throwing its annual party. thousands are heading to gilroy. but what you might not know that is thousands of dollars are heading to charity, as well. here's nbc bay area's george kiriyama. >> reporter: thank the christopher high school football team, they set them up and keep them clean. >> it's great to see them give back to the community, help support their own cause. they know that they need to help support their cause. they volunteer and love being here. >> reporter: because of budget cuts the football team has turned to events like the garlic festival to make ends meet. the festival awards more than 100 organizations who sent out to help. the more you volunteer, the mor: money you received. last year the football team received almost $8,000. >> it's a great number. without it we couldn't have the
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program of football. the cuts of the football equipment is astronomical to get the proper safety equipment. >> reporter: equipment like helmets, jerseys, pants and pads and run into the thousand of dollars. >> helps keep the cost down that we charge them, you know, initial fees that they have to pay to get into the sports. >> reporter: while football teaches the players teamwork and discipline, volunteering at the garlic festival provides another lesson in life. >> i think it teaches them how to pay it forward type of thing, you know? get the work done to help your own -- help yourself. kiriyama, r: george cc1: nbc bay area news. bay area gang terstster to ultimate fighter, change his life, ended up in "time" magazine and trying to change one of the most troubled communities. cc1:cc1: cc1:cc1:cc1: :
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crime in east palo alto make headlines but often people working to stop it don't. tonight the story of a man who grew up in east palo alto, found himself in a gang until he razed his grim future. this one-time gangster's story in his own words and how he's trying to change lives in his own community. >> let's go again. >> my maim is eugene jackson. i've been doing it for a15 year yooz. palo alto when it was the murder capital of the world. watching friends die, watching dumb stuff that you couldn't come back from. there we go. nice, nice. keep going to the head. i'm trying to take the youngsters that are normally going the wrong way looking for
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strnt strength, you can put it in the cage. you can be a role model, pull yours out of the street and get a better life. that's why i'm into these kids so much. >> he tells it to you straight. there's no bs. he knows how to interact with my level. >> if you believe in any higher source, however one, any spiritual strength we want to give, it's not trying to destroy or degrade anyone else. what my oldest son almost became part of the taliban, his best friend he went that route, my son went the right route. he got killed two years ago. with me made it on to the big screen, video game it makes them take you more serious. other people who never done wrong that could have a better testimony. but because they key relate where i came from i can lead them back to talk to those people who are better, so i, yeah. >> he's been through the same
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situations, if not worse. i could trust him. easy to turn that page. >> get off the fence. every gang banger's going to prison or getting killed or something happened to ham families or friends. what's the worst? having aan okay life? >> in his own words. eugene jackson not only making headlines in the bay area for his work, he's featured in "time" magazine as well. you can read more of his story on our website right now, we want to check in with someone mellower. nick, chilling a little bit? >> always chilling. you know it. looking at nice weather pattern for this coming week though there is one hiccup, possibly a couple thunder showers tomorrow afternoon. not for the golden gate bridge site of an iconic run,
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san francisco marathon. temperatures 60 degrees. temps held down because of the thick marine layer 2,000 feet deep. strong onshore flow kept temperatures below averages. s it below average in concord. normally you get up to 81. 79 san jose tomorrow a touch warmer. . let's show you what's go on in the sierra, though. the monsoon moisture, moisture moving from the south, and we've got big storms firing from lake tahoe down south through the southern parts of the valley. bakersfield, some of the moisture could move into extreme southeastern parts of the bay tomorrow afternoon. so that's part of our headlines. tonight, low clouds. fog, settled in, as it normally does this time of year. maybe a couple of thunder showers in the southeast part of the bay tomorrow. muggy out there as well. you might notice it this evening. the reason is this upper level trough.
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it's been spinning off the coast for the last several days and starting to draw in the monsoon moisture from new mexico and arizona. it won't make it into the bay area but from livermore to the south into the diablo range over mt. hamilton and east of gilroy we could see thunder showers. speaking of gilroy, go to the garlic festival. live pictures, garlic bread, garlic calamari. pretty much garlic anything you want, diane. i heard talk of garlic chocolate, how does that sound? >> yep. all of the garlic ice cream and twinkies and crazy stuff. >> garlic twinkies, that's a new one. seems like every year there's a new garlic something. but enjoy the gilroy garlic fess r val. gilroy, tomorrow, highs 90 cc1: 88 tomorrow afternoon. morgan hill, 87.
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87 santa therestheresa. 79 palo alto. 64 pacifica. the strong afternoon sea breeze that's going to limit temperatures to the upper 60s to 70 degrees near the bay. low to mid-80s concord. san ramon, closer to average. santa rosa, 80. i think inland spots warm up three to five degrees from what you saw today. so not a bad finish to our weekend. the week ahead is looking very, very mellow, as you mentioned, diane. >> yes, mellow. >> mel loi, i think through most of the week. morning clouds afternoon sunshine. temperatures about zblafrj what else is new at the garlic festival? handing out mouth wash. >> garlic flavored? >> no, thank goodness. thank you. back in a moment with a look at a whole who has lost her way and efforts to help her. cc1:cc1:
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mother doesn't know best, a: least in this case. the case with the female gray
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whale we've been tell you. she and her calf spend the last few weeks swimming in the orego: border.cc1: 40-footcc1: whale continues to draw yous. but she's alone.cc1: the baby headed back to the ocean. experts say she's losing weight because she can't find enough food in the freshwater of the river. >> currently, the thought is, you know, give her a few days and hope that she'll turn and leave, as her calf did. >> last saturday her calf swam the ccocean,1: tocc1: biologists have been trying to coax the mama whale back to the pacific by playing songs of killer whales and banging on pipes but that's not successful. remember humphrey? check in with john enry smith of comcast sportscc: net with a look at maybe baseball action? what's up, john henry? >> looking for baseball action you've come to the right place. a busy sports day around the bay
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area. find out if madison bomb gardner could get the g-men on the winning track. 49eres and raiders, those guys are in practice and hot on the free agent trail. rurser xplain the moves and moru arsft aer the quick time-o. t
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after losing to the reds in last night's series opener, the giants figured to have not only a ace in the hole but an ace on the mound. for today's game two in cincinnati. just a couple of days short of his 22nd birthday, madison bomb gardner stormed the hill, came in winning four straight but the man when gives up no walks started giving up hits like the single off the bat of brandon phillips, driving in renteria. next batter got a hit, too, too his high. miguel cairo limps his way to first base.
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later jay bruce, into center field. that plates joey votto and phillips. 3-0, scincy. another offering past him into center field. brings home two more runs to make it 5-0, reds at that point. it was 7-2, reds in the top of the fifth, runners on corners for carlos beltran and he comes through th the final out of the inning. right now in the seventh, cincinnati up 7-2, on the giants. of all changes that have taken place at 49ers camp this year, the guy whose head must be spinning, the equipment manager. for the second straight day the niners ditched the practice grubs they wear in favor of fancy game jerseys and pads. mindy was there to witness the splend splendor. she says there are more differences out there than just the clothes. >> jim harbaugh's training camp has a different feel of training
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cars of recent years. players are not only earnly new play book but was procedures, schedules and an entirely new coaching staff. >> we're all at ground zero right now. basically we're all learning the same time, same pieace. whoever is out there, me, whoever, whatever it is out there, we'll mold into something at some point in time. >> coming in with new eyes and new people and new coaches and things like that you know, not having no spring and no, you know, otas and different things you can't showcase and they can't put you where they want. >> it's different, you know, because everybody's new, new coaching staff. but we all working, working to learn, hungry for the knowledge. >> reporter: harbaugh created a new slate. players have been told it doesn't matter what they've done before, they will be given a fair amount of reps to compete and the best guy at the position will be the guy. mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> thanks. the 49ers looking to make a big
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addition with michael crabtree injured, targeting plaxico burress. according to the "new york post," san francisco is the former giant receivers' next stop on his free agent tour. he's met with the steelers and slated to meet with both new york teams next. the oakland raiders have agreed to terms of former stanford quarterback trent edwards. a five-year veteran played for the bills and jaguars so far. he's expected to keet with kyle boller for the backup quarterback job. despite national reports yesterday that the raiders signed jared gaither, the team has decided against signing the former raven. as he leaves team headquarters, barnes returns after signing a new deal. and that's sports. back to you. >> thank you very much, john henry. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight
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at 11:00. until then, have a good night. >> good night. coming up on technow .. using technology .. to change the way you dress .. an app .. that lets your doctor monitor you - wherever you are .. we go gaming .. with an end-

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